Problem with MacX Video Converter Pro

Hiya, I have the latest version but when I go to add a video to convert, it says its loading but nothing loads. When I click File to open, Open is greyed out, only Open Recent can be used, but I have nothing recent. I’ve tried dragging a file, adding a file, nothing happens after it “loads”. I really miss being able to use this great software to reduce the size of my videos!

Please help :frowning:

Hello, MarleyandMe,

Thanks for your feedback. Could you please write an email to with your problem and more detailed infomation(like video source, format etc.) Our suppor team will get back to you within 2 working days.

I already emailed them, they asked for screenshots, but tbh there is nothing to screen shot, its as simple as, I dragged file to app to be converted, app says loading, when it finishes loading, nothing appears in app, nothing actually gets loaded. So it would be screenshots of nothing. I told them this a week ago and have had no response. I NEED to convert a file so that I can sell it, I have not found an app that compresses my files small enough for me to sell them like this app. But given that support has not been very supportive, I am looking for one.

I’m having the same problem. Some .MOV files will load and others will not. Tried opening one with Quicktime and resaving it, but it will still not load.