Problem with macintosh extensions


I have a not finished CD-R which contains a ISO session with macintosh Extensions. When I burn a second session with NeroSDK, its seems so that I lose “macintosh extensions” of the first session, because the cd is afterwards not correct readable at a Apple Macintosh.

What I have to do to continue such a disc, without loosing the mac extensions?
Is there a special flag at NeroImportIsoTrackEx or NeroBurn?

Or is it general impossible? (i hope not)

Thanks for any help,


Maintaining Macintosh extensions when appending sessions to a multisession disc is currently not supported by NeroAPI.

That shouldn’t be an issue, Nero can’t change what’s been burned, unless it screws with the TOC, which I guess it would.

Are you on OS 9 or OS X? and which version?

(which OS for the Mac of course)

Don’t think there’s an app out for Windows that will properly burn a bootable, ‘blessed’ HFS+ CD. Maybe for Linux or *BSD.