Problem with LTR-48125w

I have a LTR-48125w sold as a Cendyne 48x12x48 CD-RW,
bundled with Nero BurningRom v5.5.
I use Hi-Val blank CD-R media.
I have burned many successful cd’s in the past, however I ran
into a problem this weekend.


When trying to burn files from my HDD to a CD, the process
hangs up at between 3% and 7% and never progresses any
further. When I click on cancel, both my CD-ROM and CD-RW
drives become inaccessible until I reboot.

I then tried copying both an audio CD and a data CD to see if
that would work.

NOPE, still hanging up at 3-7% complete, even after 20 minutes
of the burn process. This also happens using Test and Simulate
Burn Process in Nero. When it reaches the burn process it hangs

I’m assuming its a hardware problem because I get no error
messages from Nero.

My confusion comes from the fact I haven’t changed anything
since the last successful burn.

Has anyone seen or heard of this before?
Does anyone have any suggestions on a fix?

I appreciate the anticipated help anyone might offer.

Welcome to the forum!!

Since you’re using, um, well, cheapo media, suggest trying something better as a test. If it does the same thing on all media, it may be time for a new drive.
Does the drive read CD’s alright?

Thanx for the welcome.

I know I’m using cheapo media, but it worked before.

The drive does read CD’s ok, whether they’re CD-R’s or
OEM software CD’s.

In you opinion, am I correct in assuming it’s the burner and
not Nero?

You can try another burning application to see if the problem is limited to Nero.