Problem with LTR-40125W f/w WS05

When I start to burn to a CD-R media (Unitech brand detected by Nero, 32x compliant media by SmartBurn Media Check) at the first time with 24x recording, it accomplished around 3 minutes 21 second. When I started to burn the second disc with the empty CD-R media(same brand and type), it took > 8 minutes to accomplish at 24x speed recording. It pause around 5 minutes at 3% recording progress of Nero with CD media spinning in the CD Writer.
I suspect that the buffer of the CD Writer was not empty properly after the first recording session completed. So when the second recording session was conducted, the CD writer manage to empty its buffer from first recording session data(this is explain the delay around 5 minutes at 3% of Nero progress bar of second recording session) before refill the buffer with second recording session data.
Another way to overcome this problem is to shutdown computer and let it cool down around 10 minutes until the buffer of the CD Writer is completely empty (Reboot is not worked). But the problem will arise again when I started the second or more recording session.
Is there any solution to fix this problem? It never happen before. I have succeded recording around 20 media disc without this kind of problem occured before. Or should I returned this CD Writer to the shop to exchange for the new one?

Thanks for the answer.



Normally this problem is caused by low quality media.

Tried other high quality discs?

I forgot to mention that the previous 20 CD-R media that I burn it successfully are the same brand and type of CD-R Media that I experiencing the problem currently. Another friend of mine who owned Lite-On 24x10x40 burn the CD-R media (same brand & type with mine) with no problem. He has burn around 200 of this kind of CD-R media with his Lite-On. That is also the reason why I choose it as my CD Writer.
But I will try using another media first. I’ll post when I have found something interesting.