Problem with LTR-32123S

I’ve had the drive for about 6 months now with absolutely no problems. In the past two days I’ve produced more coasters than in the entire previous 6 months.

I either produce a CD with one *.cda track on or my software locks up.

I have used Fireburner, Nero, Easy-CD with a range of brands of CDs.

I can’t think of anything I’ve done differently. Does it sound like the end of the road for the drive or am I missing something obvious. I have enabled DMA (which wasn’t enabled before) with no effect.

Athlon 1.13, 384MB PC133 RAM, W98SE

Any help/advice graefully received


I have seen the problem to. I don’t remember what it was that disturbed. But I think it was old versions of InCD or DirectCD. The burn you have is not a bad burn. it’s probebly just other programs that interfear when you read the CD. Try to read the CD on another computer that don’t have any sort of burning program installed, or just without thouse programs I have writen abow.


Thanks for the reply

I’ve tried the CDs in another PC. It won’t read them at all - no cda track or anything.

I added more memory a few days before Xmas - could that have any effect?

I noticed in the EasyCD forums that aomebody else has had exactly the same problem on the same day - weird

My next idea is to reinstall W98. Any suggestions before I do?


I re-formatted and re-installed W98SE. I then couldn’t even read anything on any CDs I burned. I tried an old Ricoh 4x with the same results. I replaced the IDE cable to the back of the CD-RW and this has sort of cured the problem.

I can burn a CD but the CD-RW won’t read it until it has been ejected and then re-inserted. Mildly irritating but not the end of the world I suppose.

Cheers and thanks for the help