Problem with LotR - Dutch subtitles

Hi. I’m new to DVD’s & Divx and such, and recently ripped Lord of the rings 1 and encoded it to divx, exactly like explained in this simple tutorial: .

But when I reached this part: 9. Click Options, then Subtitles Options. If you wish to include Subtitles, tick Subtitle Channel and select the Track you wish to include. , I could not find how to add Dutch subtitles (they are on the DVD), because the drop-down list for the subtitles in Vidomi is empty.

[edit: I tried ripping the DVD again, and found the Stream Processing tab, which seems to control the ripping of audio and subtitle streams. Maybe this would be useful in the tutorial? (I am still busy ripping this as I type, so my problem may or may not be solved.]

[edit2: My problem has not been solved. I cannot select a subtitle in the Vidomi subtitle options tab. The dropdown list is empty.]

[edit3: (I cannot delete this thread myself) The problem seems te be solved, now that I ripped the subtitles as an .vob instead of using the main stream. I am going to encode it tonight.]