Problem with long lead-in on CD write

Hi all, time for my first post…

I have a Sony CRX230E which was working fine under Win2K (so I’m not concerned that it’s physically faulty). I had to move it into my Linux box as a short-term replacement for a failed drive.

The OS recognised the drive correctly and all works fine until I actually write to it. I get lead-in times of over 5 minutes - which I’m pretty sure is way too long!

Any suggestions or advice to get this working? I’m putting in a DVD writer in a couple of weeks so it’s not crucial, but I’d really like to know why the performance is so poor.

OS: Suse 10.0 fully patched kernel.
Firmware: QS0E
Device is IDE Master on IDE1 (no slave device)
Using Memorex CD-R 52x, which I believe are reasonable quality media?
Nero for Linux

All help gratefully received,

Memorex CD-R can be anything: Ritek, CMC, Moser Baer.
These manufacturers are not really known for consistency, and Memorex isn’t the most consistant quality brand either.
You should maybe try with some other media…
Taiyo Yuden CD-R and Verbatim Super Azo CD-R are the most compatible CD-R media around.