Problem with LiteOn -WU drives with LtnFlash etc

Is it true that that any Lite-On drive with -WU suffix is not compatible with tweaking software like LtnFlash, LtnRPC etc.??

Recently got an iHAS122-xx-WU (manufactured Feb 2013) hoping to replace an old iHAS120-6 inside the PC, but I cannot patch its firmware into RPC1 with the said software, as error message shows up upon pressing “Disable.” Downloaded the latest firmware and try to open it in MCSE, but again to no avail.

In the end the 122-WU was returned and a second-hand iHAS124-xx-B (Oct 2010) was obtained somewhere else, which works great and is compatible with LtnFlash etc. The drive later receives a firmware update and also has the RPC1 treatment.

So has anyone else had similar experience with other latest -WU drives and can confirm the problem??

iHASxxx W, X, Y drives are essentially Optiarc drives (with NEC chipsets) are not compatible with traditional LiteOn tools. These drives are typically handled in the NEC/Optiarc subforum. Other drives* are MediaTek drives of LiteOn’s design, and as such should work with most tools (though there are many limitations to that rule).

MCSE would have to be updated to allow use with the iHAS122 W firmware, but this is highly unlikely.

*: iHASxxx/iHAPxxx 6, iHASxxx 8, iHAPxxx 9, iHASxxx A, B, C, D drive models