Problem with LiteOn update

I have a LiteOn LTR-32125W drive and as you understand I want to update it to 48125W. I have downloaded the VS02.bin and mtkflash, copied them to a diskette but when I run it nothing happens. I have read the mtkflash tutorial but i don’s understand what’s going wrong. A friend of mine told me that the problem is that I have the CD-R as a secondary slave and that I must make it primary slave(the HDD is primary master). Is this the solution?

Oh I have WinXP Pro and I can’t run the update through clear MS-Dos enviroment. Is that a problem?

Thanks in advance

From what i have read it doesnt matter where the drive resides on the bus apart from primary master of course you will need a dos boot disk i would imagine if you read through the tutorial it does mention this but i suppose XP not allowing a clear dos environment might be a bit strange
Try getting a boot disk off the net i think has them and boot from that make sure you specify the corresponding number yours would be 4 as its secondary master

good luck


by the way if i am wrong i’m sure someone will correct me :wink:

You are right. You must boot to real DOS for flashing. By using a boot diskette for example. it shouldn’t matter if the drive is connected as Secondary slave.