Problem with Liteon LVW-5055GDL+

Help please before I go crazy ! :sad: Just trying to install my new DVD recorder to tv and sky box. Cant get it to scan and store any channels. i’m no wizz and dont know where I’m going wrong.
I have made the following connections;-
On DVD - RF out to TV antenna
RF in to aerial booster box
Scart in to vcr scart on sky
Scart out to TV vcr socket
On SkySky aerial in to wall aerial socket
Scart tv to tv !

Anyone have any advice for a simpleton ?
Also, should I be able to record from sky ??? or is this my problem

Any advice appreciated :doh:

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The first thing I would recommend checking is that the ‘TV Signal’ option in the menu is set to Antenna and that the Country is set to the country you live in. One country may use a different TV standard and broadcast bands from another, so if an option is incorrectly set, the DVD recorder will unlikely scan the band that covers your terrestrial TV broadcasts:

As your TV is connected in series with the DVD recorder, this means that if you can watch TV broadcasts on your TV (besides those viewed through your Sky box), these should be able to be tuned on your DVD recorder. Just make sure that the RF cable going to the RF-in of you DVD recorder is coming from the booster and not connected to the RF-out (in a loop). I have seen something like this happen before.

Finally, note that Sky is recorded using the AV input (as with a VCR). To select the AV input on your DVD recorder, press the ‘Source’ button on your DVD remote until the Scart input is selected and press ‘Enter’. :wink:

Thanks for the prompt reply - the menu doesnt give me the option to check the TV signal. Within the TV Tuner menu my only options are ‘Country’, ‘Utilities’ and ‘TV mode’ (bypass allowed or not). Wont tune in at all - thanks for the advice tho’

Ok, I would not reccomend the arrangment you have as the recording quality will not be the best.

If you use RGB from the sky box then this setup will work better.

Sky TV socket > Liteon DVD decoder socket. Liteon DVD TV socket > TV RGB socket.

Set both the Sky and Liteon to RGB in the menu and the record quality will be perfect (well as perfect as Sky can be)

As for the aerial you seem to have it connected up correctly, the sky box does not need an aerial if your using scart.

To record from sky you need to choose SCART from the channel list and not tuner.

As for tuning in your terestrial channels they should all fall in when you scan for them.