Problem with LiteOn LTR-48125w and Nero

Hi All, I just bought a Lite-On LTR 32125w and o/c it to a LTR 48125w with bios version VS04. Before I did this Nero worked fine and I burnt a couple of test CDs. Now that I have upgraded the firmware, Nero can’t see my burner. The strange thing is that Nero Info Tool can see it and verify all the correct info (btw, the o/c did work).

Is there an incompatibility with this firmware version ? Has anyone else had the same problem ? I have versions VS01 and VS02 which I can always use as well.

Any info is greatly appreciated. :confused:

UPDATE - The solution to this problem was provided to me by burnproof (thanks dude!!). You have to upgrade to Nero (which I did and can confirm). I had to remove all traces of Nero first, incl reg keys. Not sure if anyone else will need to do this though…