Problem with LiteOn LH-20A1S... please help!

Hi everyone,

Bought the aforementioned model a couple of months ago. Happy with the speed when burning audio CDs for the car, but not happy with the playback results!

On every CD I burn, at least one, sometimes as many as 5 tracks will jump. Sometimes it makes the tracks completely unlistenable. I’ve no idea whether this is a problem with the LiteOn, the media I’m using (Sony CD-R), the fact that I’m on Vista x64 (long shot!), or the software I’m using (usually Nero).

If anyone could help me with this, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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What firmware is on your drive? At what speed are you writing the Sony CD-R?

LiteOn worked with some people on the forum to fix the CD writing problem with a firmware update, which is why I ask at what firmware version you are. Also, Sony CD-R isn’t bad, but it might not write the best in the LiteOn at many speeds.

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Just checked the firmware, and it’s 9L08. I’ve never had a problem with the Sony’s before, until I bought this drive.

Is this the latest firmware available for the LiteOn, or might there be another solution?


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Ant84, take a look at this thread in our LiteOn forum for more info :slight_smile:

[quote=Arachne;2037414]Other thread deleted :wink:

[B]Ant84[/B], take a look at this thread in our LiteOn forum for more info :)[/quote]


Thanks for pointing out the thread, but I’m not really sure what measures I should take to sort out the problem. Only one guy in the thread mentioned the 20A1S, and he didn’t get answered.

Do I need a different firmware?

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Maybe it’s a long shot, but I’ve learned not to burn audio CD’s faster than 24x.