Problem with LiteOn LDW-811S

I have a LiteOn LDW-811S with firmware HS0R that I moved from my old Intel with VIA chipset to my new MSI-7100 Nvidia AMD computer. After upgrading the firmware when moving DVD burner OR the actual moving ( I donät know which) the DVD burner can only burn my ePerformance “ProdiscF01” with the speed 2x. Before it could burn them with 8x (which they are according to the box) and I am sure I have burnt them with both 4x and 8x earlier.

Nero InfoTool also reports the capabilities of the disc as maximum 2x write speed. The ATA controller uses the latest “nvatabus” driver and the actual DVD burner uses the default/latest Win XP driver.

What is wrong? Driver problem or “compatibility” problems?


First of all, welcome to the forum.

Second: uninstall nvidia IDE drivers and install standard microsoft ones. Do a search on the forum to find how.

Third: check if DMA is enabled. Again, do a search on the forum, because these questions were answered many times.

Finally, use quality discs. I have a 811 too, and mine is very very picky about media.

Do not bet on it :). ProdiscF01 is -R, the max write speed of a 811 drive on -R media is 4x. Also ProdiscF01 is not supported by any 811 firmware, so it is burned at default speed 2x.
Did you use a patched firmware before ? That would atleast allow 4x burning.

I have not used any patched firmware at all. It bought it in a “cheap” store like PC City (or was it “PC Superstore”, don’t remember) so I doubt they changed firmware in it. Maybe my memory is very

I did some Kprobe scannings an detected that almost all lately burnt DVD-R with ProdiscF01 (and also BULK-DVD) have a very high PO/PI levels, above 1000/40. The DVD-Rs I read in the PC itself is readible but my stationary DVDs and gameconsoles can’t read them. I tried a Kprobe scan on a pressed original application DVD and the PO/PI levels where very low. Maybe I can not compare between burnt and pressed DVDs?

Time to buy a new DVD burner? What is the recommended burner to buy now?


  • Kenneth

get yourself a BenQ 1640 and some decent +R media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and be happy :slight_smile:

Is the NEC 3540 also a good burner? Which burners to avoid and which are good?

the 3540 is a good drive. look in the nec forum for more infos.

i would get a Liteon, Benq or NEC.

ok i just got a new batch of verbatim 16x dvd+r’s and my ldw-811s will only let me choose 2.4x in nero…

HS0R is my f/w … any help would be greatly appreciated

That’s a waste of money!
Get yourself a cheap and decent burner to burn them at 16x.
Models were mentioned earlier in this thread.

ever thought that i didn’t want to? or that i dont have the money??..
this drive has worked great for me in my config, till i got this newer batch of 16x verbatim discs …

With a 811S it’s very important to buy disc/mediacode supported by the burner.

LiteON have not updated the 811S firmware for a long time and because of that the 811S can’t burn at newer media’s rated speed, but use default strategi and burn at 2x/2.4x

Those 16x Verbatim are not supported by the 811S.

Stick to 4x or 8x media or buy a new 16x burner.

You can try changing media write strategie.

yeah i ended up figuring that out… i had heard about it before, but never looked into or tried it…

till now… thanx for the reply jbv