Problem with LiteOn dvdrw

Hi all,

I have a laptop with LiteOn SOSW-852S dvd-rw with latest firmware (ps08). Usually I burn movies with cheap Vision dvd+r brand and it works fine. But these last few days I’ve been burning with Ritek dvd-r. The problem with this Ritek dvd-r is that the movie skips heavily on 2 dvd players or won’t play at all. I’ve tried the movie with Pioneer dvd-rw and it’s the same. But it plays perfectly on the LiteOn! But few of the Ritek I’ve burned work on dvd player, though. I don’t think it’s the media that caused the problem, because it’s original RITEK.

Update: now some of my Vision dvd+r don’t play on dvd players too! I’m sure it’s not the dvd player’s fault because I tried the movies with many players/roms. Still, they only play on the LiteOn dvdrw. I’ve been told that it’s a common issue with LiteOn dvdrw. Is it true? Maybe my LiteOn has lost its ability because i used it to burn excessively everyday? What dvdrw should I buy if I want to burn many hours per day?


Crap media, no surprise you get such results…

What? Ritek 8x dvd-r is considered crap? I thought Ritek is a 2nd class brand.

I tried burning with Verbatim 4x dvd-rw and it’s the same result :frowning:

Maybe my dvd player just plain sucks.

2nd from the bottom.
AN3x media just beats it to the $hit heap :wink:

Usually I burn movies with [B] Good Quality DVD+R [/B] and the movies plays like the original on all the players :iagree:

ok guys, no need to rub it in ;). Now I learned my lesson that Ritek is bad.

But I still have a doubt about the LiteOn because I tried burning 3 movies to my Verbatim DVD-RW and all of them skips. Now don’t tell me Verbatim is bad :wink:

Older Lite-On’s don’t like [B] – [/B] media they can be very Picky with there media and you will do a lot better with [B] + [/B] media

Speaking about cheap media, what writer do you recommend which able to read all kinds of cheap medias?

this is the WRONG way to look at things!

good media will work on any writer and will SAVE you money. when all the data on the cheap media has deteriorated and you have to reburn everything spending more time and money than you would have on good media to begin with, you’ll be wishing you had invested in some decent media in the first place!

trust me, i learned the hard way!

I found to read cheap media nothing will do it better than a Lite-On, it will read anything you can manage to put in its tray and close it. Now to write on cheap media is a different story all together! I found the Pioneer will write on anything you can put in it’s tray. So if you want to use cheap media and save some $$$$ it’s best to have both. One burner to read it and one for writing it.

Thanks! No wonder the cheap dvd got bad result when burned on LiteOn but can be read well on the LiteOn.

Yep now you know why Lite-On’s are very good readers :smiley:

I changed my mind. I think my LiteOn is getting suck. Because I tried to burn with original Verbatim dvd+rw and it can’t be played on 2 dvd players.

Now I’m thinking of buying new one, preferably BenQ dw1650.

Before you give up on your burner, try a verbatim +r (not +rw), and see what the results are. Many dvd players and burners don’t like +rw media, unless it is high quality +RW.

Thank you Harly2ride I was going to say the same thing! Just can’t work people out :confused: and why they want to keep using RW media, using it is only asking for trouble with any brand or burner. :confused:

No, thanks. I don’t want to risk a verbatim +r on this LiteOn. I think the Ritek coasters is enough proof that this LiteOn has shown its age. Usually I’ve never had problems with Vision, let alone Ritek. BenQ DW1650, here I come.

Anyway, thanks for coathi and the others for the advices :slight_smile:

I can’t use most verbatim DVD+RW on a standalone player after 10 burns … as testament to the Quality of verbatims DVD+RW media.
I get the odd one that still works in a standalone player though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, here I’ll post the Ritek dvd-r of “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” disc quality check results of two different burner. The second is with the dreaded LiteOn :wink:

What do you say? :bigsmile:

My friend gave me a hacked firmware that said to be able to make my LiteOn more compatible with Ritek -r. So I tried it and so far so good burning Ritek dvd-r :smiley: All of you who said Ritek is bad and the LiteOn can’t be blamed, are WRONG :smiley: