Problem with Liteon 832S


I have a Liteon 832S, when i burn DVD-video (nero i can t use it in my dvd player or in my xbox. But in my computer the dvd can be play.
I have no error during burning… :frowning: :frowning:

Why ??? Can you help me ??

THANKS A LOT :bow: :bow: :bow:

AMD 2400+
512Mo RAM
Liteon 832s firmware: VS0A

Hi Titou0603

What sort of error are you getting on your standalone dvd player - does it come up with disc error or region code error?

How are you using Nero to burn your disc? Don’t use SmartStart - instead directly open up Nero Burning Rom and select DVD-Video from the list of choices. Once the Nero Burning Rom window opens select your movie files and drag them from the right window into the video_ts folder. Select Burn and add label name etc and away you go - this should give you the correct format for your dvd_player

Thanks for answer

My DVD player put me “Bad disc”.
So i think i have a HUGE problem with the compatibility of my DVD.
Can we make best quality when we burn a dvd ??

Just chiming in to let you know you’re not alone…

I have the same problem. I also have a Sony DRU-500a that works flawlessly.

For instance, bring up Nero, create a DVD video project and burn it on a DVD-RW using the Sony, no problems playing. Next, change the burner to the Lite-On and burn again on the same disc (after erasing it), the stand alone player says that it can’t play this type of disc (it knows something is there but won’t play it, but it’s not a region error.) Burn the same disc again with the Sony, changing nothing except the drive, everything works again. Sounds like a firmware problem to me. The book mode shouldn’t do anything since that’s for +R media, right?

:a :a I HATE LITEON… :a :a

What can i do?? buy a new one ???

Looks to me like a bad burn. I have two hamoe DVD players, and one will play bad burns and the other wont. Check you burn with K-Probe.

Probably the media you are using is the problem.

are you using + or - format? some dvd players dont like the +. i have a liteon ldw811s and had nothing but problems burning video_ts folders - so i converted them to iso and had much more success. also what media are you using - my unit hates opto’s.

You left out one important detail: what media is it?

I don’t understand how it is totally a media problem given I use the same disc in both burners and the same DVD player for all tests. The only variable is the burner (and I repeated several times, to rule out spurious bad burns.) Discs produced with the Sony work, with the LiteOn they don’t. If it is a media problem (likely) than the LiteOn is much less robust than my Sony because I’ve tried three different types and all do not play on the standalone when burned on the LiteOn (Ritek 2x DVD-R branded as TDK, Ricoh 2.4x DVD+RW- this won’t work on my DVD player for sure - branded as Sony, and Ritek 1x DVD-RW branded as Memorex.)

Narrowing down the problem, I’ve found that the DVDs burned on both drives work in DVD players other than my Panasonic. However, all DVDs must be burned on the Sony burner to work on my particular player. This, to me, indicates a difference in burning strategies or something else firmware related in the LiteOn.

Some drives prefer one media type over another. Etc. Anyway, there are more cases of the Sony doing a lot worse than there are cases of the LiteOn doing a lot worse. It could be a defective unit. It could be the LiteOn not liking those particular media types. It could be something else. Dunno. You could try scanning both the Sony-burned and LiteOn-burned, as that could be illumuninating sometimes.

After looking at the scans, I still think the Lite-On doesn’t do something right with DVD videos. The error rates are almost identical, assuming that I can use kprobe with the LiteOn to fairly assess the errors created during the Sony burn. Again, this is the same DVD-RW, just switched between drives. The second image is the scan from the Sony burn; the first is from the LiteOn.

I’ve tried the latest firmware (0A) as well as the stock firmware (04) too…


I get the same problem too… I guess u just have to accept that LiteOn is a really really picky drive… I’m also very frustrated on trying all these firmwares & patchers just to get a decent burn. U see, i can never say it’s the drive, or the media’s fault!!

Bottom-line, “if u want a good quality burn without doing anything, don’t buy LiteOn”… I just wish the price for dvd burners ain’t dropping so fast :frowning: