Problem with LiteOn 52246S

I bought LiteOn 52246S. It should burn cd’s with max speed of 52x, but it does not. The speed I get is 12x. I updated firmware but it didnt help. Any ideas what might be the problem?:confused:

Does this help?

Q: 3.6. I do only get ??X shown as the maximum recording speed, but my drive supports faster speeds!!
A: Lite-On drives features Smart-BURN technology which limits the recording speeds due to manufacturer of the media, media type and condition of the media. Only speeds that the inserted media (or if drive is empty: the last inserted media) is supposed to support will be shown. Insert media that the drive supports writing at highest speed before you start the program to get the highest speed shown.

I dont understand. What media? Media = software? cd?

I used Easy CD Creator. I configurated the setup so that it should write with highest speed. When i start burning the speed is 48x, but it’s just for a second, and then it drops slowly to 12x.

media = the actual CD-R disc itself. the drive will limit the speed that it can burn at based on what the disc can handle.