Problem with LiteOn 52246S eeprom



My cdrw LiteOn 52246S has a big problem because I think that the EEPROM of the dvdrw LiteOn 811S was put over the original.

Doesn’t work at all.

Someone can help me?

PM me please. I’m learning by the worst way



now I now that the eeprom calibrates the drive

probably she’s dead

but I can try anything
I dont have nothing more to loose, only time

PM me if you can help me

or I can try anything else with this drive.
i don’t no. I’m waiting

nice weekend


The only thing i can recommend you is to reflash your writer using an MS-DOS bootdisk (no dos prompt in windows !). You will need a compliant flash tool and binary firmware.


Requesting EEPROM is against CD freaks policy.
Also, please don’t crosspost. It is also against forum rules.