Problem with liteon 32x12x40



i have a small problem with a liteon writer 32x12x40 when installed every 3 seconds the hard drive light comes on and stops windows from doing anything for about 1 second,there is no cd in the drive and this happens every 3 seconds or so when i take the drive out and put my 48x cd-rom drive back in it stops.i hope someone has some idea what could be wrong.i've tried it has primary slave and secondary master and secondary slave but no change it just keeps making my hard drive light come on every few seconds and the pc stalls for a second.


800mhz athlon
gigabyte GA-71XE4 motherboard
192 meg PC133 RAM
Geforce 2 mx 32 meg
soundblaster 128 sound card



Hmz, I’m outta ideas on this one…

Try to upgrade you mainboards bios.
Make sure the drive have the latest firmware…
Running win XP? Make sure you have all updates from windowsupdate…

Try the drive in another computer and see if it’s something with the drive or with your computer…

And make sure that DMA is enabled for the drive…



Not sure if this can help, but you might try it out.

The problem you describe could be caused by the software not recognising the drive. If the OS is plug 'n play (Win2k/XP…) the system would be scanning for new devices where it can’t recognise an existing device.

Disable the “Plug and Play OS” option in the system BIOS and then check if things are ok. After booting, go to the device manager and check that there is no “?” against the CD Drive/Burner. You might also have a faulty IDE cable (though that seems to be ruled out b’cos you said the CD-ROM works ok)

Good luck.

EDIT: You might also check the jumper settings for the burner (Do not use CSEL. Set to either master or slave). If you are using XP, try disabling the “Enable digital audio for this device”


that sounds strange