Problem with Lite-on SOHW-812S

Hi Guys,

New to the forum and have a problem that i need help with, problem being i’ve just bought a Liteon sohw 812s and when i try to burn a cue file with nero 6 ultra onto a dvd nero comes up with an error saying that the wrong media has been inserted and that i should insert a cdr, i’ve flashed the writer to the latest firmware only this morning and i’ve also noticed that the speed of the write is stuck at 40x its as though the pc thinks that the liteon is a cd writer and not a dvd writer, i’ve also tried nero 5.9*** but to no avail as that version doesn’t even recognise the writer.
If anyone has had the same probs with this writer please could they let me know of any solutions.

Thanx in advance

That same thing happened to me, and my solution was to “tap” the DVD button to tell the Nero that is the type of media you are burning to. It gives you a choice of CD or DVD , and it can’t automatically select what you shove in the tray.

Are you talking about the 2 tabs when you first start nero 6 up DVD and CD ?

Yep, I screwed it up as soon as I turned it on.

Sorry m8 but i’ve tried that already, something that i firgot to mention was that i also tried my friends pioneer dvd writer in my pc and it also did the same thing.

Sorry back at 'ya, M8, wish I could help.

You cant burn bin/cue files meant for cdr with dvdr.Use cdr instead.

The file is 850 mb and won’t fit onto a cdr

You could always use bin2iso and burn with dvddecryptor, alcohol 120 or any program that burns iso’s

thnx m8 but i’ve tried all of that, just tried reinstalling windows xp with the pioneer drive in it and it’s still the same with nero or alcohol.

If the image file is a movie then extract with vcdgear or vcdeasy and then split with tmpgenc to fit on 2 cds or author as a dvd if its dvd compliant vcd.

It’s a movie. It’s an 80Min CDR and burn using Mode 2 :wink: