Problem with LITE-ON LTR-52246S Please help!



I’ve just started burning a few avi files on my new Lite CD writer and notice that on opening the cd’s and playing them on computer the Lite CD player is installed is VERY slow. I tried playing them on other computers and still find it to be a problem. At first I thought it was a codec problem, but it isn’t.

In the past I’ve written avi files with older burners and have had no problem with opening the CD folder to view the file(s), play avi files, etc. When I had the Lite CD installed I had it done in a computer shop and had told them my motherboard wasn’t working properly at the time I was using a SOYOS motherboard.

I’m using a Gigabyte motherboard GA-6VX7+(my old one), and I wonder if the problem with the writing process may be a hardware conflict or prehaps I need to reconfigure the CD drive in some manner. From what I understand, a CD player plugs in the same way as most do into the motherboard/sound card, and I don’t know of any jumper setting that would need to be changed specifically that would of been different then my old CD I had prior to this one (Sony CD-RW CRX175E2). My bios picks up the Lite-on cd player under Secondary Master (I have 2 hard drives, 1 cd drive, 1 floppy). windows xp home edition was the OS for both the writing of the avi file(The Lite-on CD), as was the other two computers (windows xp).

My older CD player (Sony CD-RW) seemed to have no problems with writing files to the same cd’s I am having problems with the Lite CD player. I installed the Sony CD-RW player on a friends computer and playing any cd copied my main desktop with the Lite-on cd player would have slow loading times.

Is my Lite-On CD player defective, perhaps setting need to be changed, or some incompatibility issue?

Sorry for the lengthly description of the problem, I’m no tech wizard, but hope this information can help solve the problem.


P.S. I’ve noticed when playing the cd’s recorded with the LITE cd under real one player, they show a play speed of about 875kbps while the other cd’s that do play fine show no speed listing. I’ve tried to copy back these avi files back to computer to see if I can recover the content and rewrite the avi files, but whenever I do I end up getting a “Cannot copy filename: Data error (cyclic redundancy check”.

I flashed the drive using the 650F file (firmware), I never got any installation cd from the tech shop after they installed it on my old motherboard system, which I’m going to contact them and find out if this could be a problem. However since I moved 6 hours from there, if I can fix this myself or locate the cd installation files this would save me some time.

Also here’s a breakdown on a test run with SiSoftware Sandra

Current Drive Index 2488kB/s
Item Value
SMP test no
Total Test Threads 1
SMT test no
Dynamic MP/MT Load Balance no
Processor Affinity no
Windows Disk Cache Used no
Use Overlapped I/O yes
IO Queue Depth 8 requests
Disc Tested Data CD/DVD
Test file size 653MB

Benchmark Breakdown:
Drive speed 21X CD speed
Track speed 10866rpm (estimated)
Buffered Read 16mb/s
Sequential Read 3622 kb/s
Random Read 786 kb/s
Average access time 510 ms (estimated)



You mean it takes a long time to start playback of the file after you clicked it? How long does it take?
Since you’re getting CRC errors you should try switching media and/or writing-speed.

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Sounds like a media issue to me too. A few error scans might be helpful.


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Yeah, sorry about the crossposting. Ever since I had this CD RW installed, my media format’s such as avi files don’t play back well.

Generally when I try and play a cd after burning it with the LITE CR-RW, it’ll take about anywhere from at least 45 seconds to a minute or longer just to open the file, and once the file starts playing, fast forwarding is just about as slow of a process. In the past it would generally only take a few seconds to detect what’s on the cd, open the file, and skip around with the fast forward button.

I downloaded the demo version of Nero 5 and tried to burn one of the avi files, it took about 2 minutes but the picture quality was very bad. I’m still experimenting with different programs to find out if I can get around this problem but so far not much luck.

I usually burn avi files directly through the windows xp “send to” option, then “Write these files” and never had any problems with my old CD-RW.



Also, just wanted to mention, the slow play speeds only occur when playing a video file I burned with the LITE CD-RW. If I play any of other burned CD’s from my other CD-RW, they open and play just perfectly.

Would the problem be more related to how the LITE CD-RW writes? Using 48x speed cd’s with a 52 write speed CD-RW could be it? I haven’t found any cd’s showing 52 read/write speeds. I’m not much of a technical wizard when it comes to computers so I’m drawing some blanks here heheh…



Well, I just picked up more CD’s today to test out whether or not the flash program helped any. I think that may of been the problem. I just burned to a CD-RW when testing the burning. It didn’t appear to work with Nero (I may of choose the wrong burn option), but I just burned it through Windows xp and it played back fine!

I just did one of the CD-W’s and problem seems to be fixed! I’ve noticed there isn’t any red light showing near as much on the front of the LITE CD player in the writting process now except near the end. I was having this occur while writing the previous files which went snafu on me. Unfortunately I used up all the CD’s before realizing they didn’t copy over correctly…

Write speed is about 4-6 minutes in the copying file stage, then 10-11 minutes in the writing stage for a 700MB file.


Originally posted by Frob
Write speed is about 4-6 minutes in the copying file stage, then 10-11 minutes in the writing stage for a 700MB file.

Sounds to me that you have a DMA problem…is the option checked?


Where can I found out if the DMA is on/off?


Well, I did a reboot. The Copying file stage after 3 avi files seems to have finished in less then 5 seconds. The writing process is about 5-6 minutes for a 650-700MB file. Playback is excellent!

I’ve noticed on the other computer with my old CD-RW, about 50% of the time the Copy file stage is either 9 minutes or a few seconds. This is again using the Windows xp writing process.

Seems everything is ok now, funny that after I flashed the LITE CD-RW, the automatic reboot didn’t reduce the time on the copying file stage. But after I did a manual reboot this process was reduced. Perhaps it was a low disk space on the drive which storages the CD image. Anyhow I’m happy with a 5-6 minute copy over onto my CD’s.



Writing speed may be even faster actually. Windows probably isn’t getting a correct time figure, but it seems to be more around a 4-5 minute mark.

After about the 4th disk, it turned out to be a bad write, again with the slow loading time. Trying another reboot to fix this.


Just rebooted, trying to copy same file again. This time it copied it at 11 minutes, and added to cd image in 6 minutes.

Playing the CD works fine though, just took unusually long to copy over the file.

Doing another file again, no wait period to copy over, did the write process and hanged about 15 seconds then got the cannot complete the CD writing Wizard. Normally when this happens I just select the write file option again and it’ll start the cd image process. I did this, and it worked, cd imaging is at 6 minutes. This file plays fine as well.

Did another, this one 700MB at 5 minutes for CD imaging. Was no copy over wait period. Noticed red light on the LITE CD player came on about 3 minutes estimated time, then the minutes jumped to about 60 seconds, red light flickered yellow a couple times. File seems ok though.

Next CD about 700MB’s, copying stage windows started at 20minutes, then dropped to 10minutes and continued on from there normally. Seems windows ‘# minutes remaining’ timer isn’t to accurate with time frames. Writing process was 5 minutes. Playback was fine as well.

Anyhow, not sure why writing periods are so off time wise. Perhaps it’s a feature of the LITE CD-RW.