Problem with Lite-On LDW-811S

I recently purchased an external Lite-on LDW-811S DVD Burner. I’ve read that many people have had problems with these units, but have yet to find a solution. I am running XP, drive is detected and works fine as a regular DVD player, etc. I cannot burn to DVD-R. I have also read that some have had problems with DVD-R in conjunction with this drive as well, but has anyone found a solution? Or are they just incompatible? I have updated the firmware to HS0Qm and have tried using a couple different software - DVD Xcopy, which doesn’t recognize the blank media at all (although no problems with the drive as far a normal media), and My DVD, which actually started to burn to the DVD-R (I got happy), then crapped out about a minute into it with a buffer overrun. Any tips would be appreciated - thanks!

the discs could be crap. Liteons require good discs to function. What’s the media ID code?

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