Problem with Lite-On COMBO LTC-48161H

Hello, I have a problem with my Lite-On COMBO LTC-48161H. The problem is, when i try to write on a DVD-RW or DVD+R (4.7 gigabytes) I get this error: “No disk in drive” or something familiar and i can’t find out what it is.
Can Anybody please help me? :bow: I don’t even know if I can or can’t write DVD’s with it. And when I enter the disk it starts to make HORRIBLE sound (maybe it is supposed to do that :rolleyes: ).
Any help would be welcome, thank You. :slight_smile:


You have a COMBO drive, meaning it’s a DVD READER, not a DVD BURNER. It will only burn (and read) CD-R/RW.

Oh, darn it, well thank you for your help.
Sorry to bother.