Problem with LITE-ON CD-RW


few days ago i updated the firmware S6OF for my lite-on CD-RW 52246S, rebooted my pc and the drive was gone.

the drive is corectly detected in BIOS as well as in device m (no yelow tag, nothin’) includes the new FM, however, it doesn’t read any kind of cd, it’s just simply dead, because it is missing its driver in order to be recognized by XP.

i can’t update the driver under xp,
i can’t do anything with it,

anytime i reboot my system it finds a new hardw (LITE-ON 52246S) and asks me to load the driver for it. once i choose automatic it says then that windows can’t find the software for it.

i’ve tried so far:
uninstal it - didn’t work
unplug it - didn’t work
system restore - didn’t work

any help will be appreciated

thanks guys
:confused: :confused:

Rather than choosing Automatic, try choosing specify a location and point it to C:/Windows/System or System32

I have the same problem and have tried everthing including specifing a exact location.The wierd thing is that the drivers are in the windows sys folders But it wont install manual or auto. The only thing I have not tried is flashing the firmware back one version.Or could this be a problem with XP?

Any suggestions?:confused: