Problem with lite on 24102B CDRW Drive

I have a problem with a lite on CDRW drive #24102B. I put a cd (data, audio or cdrw) in and it spins up, the green light flashes about 10 times and it ejects the cd.

I thought it was scrached cd’s but even clean cd’s do not work, i have also tried these cd’s in other drives and they work fine. Could the drive be dirty?? I am out of ideas.

This drive is being used in windows 98SE, the drive is in the device manager list and there are no conflicts with drivers.

did it just recently start doing this?

if so, then it might possibly be a bad drive… but i am just taking a guess.

try formatting and reinstalling your windows if it aint to much of a problem

I just reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled windows. It was doing this before I reinstalled windows. BTW it will read a cd every now and again, one time in 25 attempts or so. I think this is a recent thing, I am working on this for a friend.

I suspect the drive is either dirty, or on its way out. First thing I’d try is a lens cleaner, and compressed air. I’ve got 3 drives of various vintage sitting in my closet, that exhibited symptoms like you’re describing. Problems reading began intermittantly and got progressively worse.

the cd cleaner disc did the trick, thx for the help!

:cool: I’m glad it worked out for you!