Problem with LightScribe function w/ Lite-On Mdl. SHM165H6S. Does not work! Help pls

Hi, this drive is approximately 2 months old and I have burnt many DVDs with and it has performed many of its functions very well. I recently bought some Verbatim LightScribe DVD-Rs to use with this drive.

I decided to try out the LightScribe function with Nero 7 Ultra, and I was successful in designing a label. I clicked the “print” function and chose the LightScribe function. I also placed the disc label side down when it prompted for me to. After doing that, my explorer would fail and reset. Nero would continue to run, and after awhile (after the “Preparing Drive” bar was full) a pop-up would appear saying that there was an “Internal Error” was present in the drive. The tray would automatically eject shortly afterward.

I tried another label making software (Surething CD Labeler) and this problem occurred again. I looked up on this and switched the jumper on the drive from Master to CS and this problem occured again. I alo uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. (The LightScribe driver thing on their website is also up-to-date).

This problem has me stumped and I was wondering if you guys had any experience with this issue? Or can direct me to a site that could help me?I think that my drive just may be bad, but I wanted to see if there was a solution other than calling LiteOn and RMAing this drive.

Many thanks for any help you guys can provide.

CPU Specs:
AMD Opteron 165 @ 2.6GHz
Biostar 6100 mobo
Only Optical drive is the Liteon
Seagate 400GB

seen this problem before and it was a hardware failure, RMA the drive