Problem with Lies & Alibies

I don’t know if it was just the burn, but I backed up my copy of Lies & Alibies (R1) and could not get out of the menu. It just went round and round.

I then burned it with just the movie and it worked fine.

You might want to check out your backup.

that’s all i could get to also - just like attack force - both are sony dvd

well…i know i am repeating others, but have you sent ss your ifo files yet? until someone does that there won’t be an upgrade to deal with the new protection.

This has nothing to do with protection, if you make a movie only copy its fine.

Just curious,
I think that DVDfab Decrypter can rip in Main Movie mode, similar to Attack Force
Are you saying that Anydvd can do Movie Only also?? Thanks in advance.

Yes, AnyDVD will do main movie just fine. I used cloneDVD2 & AnyDVD V6.0.9.0 and the movie only turned out fine.

using clonedvd
start it up
pick the first option of the 3 "copy dvd Titles"
browse to your dvd video folder ie X:/VIDEO_TS x= optical drive letter
hit enter
select quality (lower mid screen) dvd-5 if you want to have clone compress when needed
or select dvd± DL if tou want an uncompressed rip and want to process with something like dvd shrink later

untick everthing except main move
hit next
keep your favorite type of sound tack and subtiltle
hit next
select output method = “dvd files” and
select an ouput folder
hit go

if you use DVD-5 the rip will be ready to burn
if you use DVD±DL and the rip is greater then 4.35 gb you can shrink it with DVDshrink
then use clone to burn to disk

the more junk you remove the better you back up will be