Problem with LH20A1H LL0D

Just this past evening my 20A1H did the unthinkable it said power calibration error. After that it just click and clicks when you insert a blank SL or DL media. Does this mean the drive has gone out? Even previously burned media in the 20A1H won’t read when inserted but it will read and play properly in the older 832S model. I am suspecting that the drive has finally reached it’s usage time before it failed or died?? Oh, I bought it this past beginning 2007 and used it alot unlike my 832S model. I think that being used as much to burn probably wore it out.

Ouch. Certainly sounds like the drive’s gone out, especially if as you say, you’ve used it a lot.

When mine had problems, I powered down the PC for about 15 minutes, then powered back up and tried the drive again - it seems mine has a small problem with perhaps overheating, so yours may be the same.

Failing that I guess you know the drill - try the drive on another PC and see if it exhibits the same symptoms. :slight_smile:

I know … and it was a useful drive too bad it expired after the warranty … at least newegg has the record of the purchase of it but it was purchased on Jan or Feb forgot the month but in 2007 and it is now April 2008 … shoot…But I stick it in another computer and see but just the sound it made just peaked my interest that it was failing bad… cause it wouldn’t read previous burned DVD media that it created… :sad:

Report back on progress of my MTBF 20A1H drive. Seems like it has completely gone dead. I hooked it up to another computer and it did find the hardware of the 20A1H but couldn’t make it read a blank media or pressed DVD media. So I am left with the only possibility that the drive is gone to a better place. Since then I have ordered a newer drive from newegg of the same liteon but a newer model the DH-20A4H model hopefully this will get here in a week time so I can get burning again. It just had to go out when I least expected it to go like 2 months after the warranty … :sad: :rolleyes: :frowning:

That’s bad news :(…and yeah, things always tend to go south just outside the warranty period, it’s Sod’s Law - the PSU on one of my PCs blew one month outside the warranty period.

Good luck with your 20A4H :slight_smile:

You could still try this (post #12 by me). Two LITEONs is better than one. :wink:

[QUOTE=georgekellerman;2035087]You could still try this (post #12 by me). Two LITEONs is better than one. ;)[/QUOTE]

I did that already a month ago cleaning out the drive itself.