Problem with LG RHS7700MH

Hi all,

I’ve got a problem with a DVD recorder LG RHS7700MH. A while ago I made it Region free using a trick found on a web site:

  1. Power On
  2. Open Tray
  3. Press Setup
  4. Highlight the Lock Picture (Don’t Enter Right hand Menu)
  5. Press “0” seven times
  6. You should now have a message on the screen saying “This player is now Region Free” or something along those lines.

The trick worked and now I’m able to see any DVD regardless of the region. However, now I’m having a problem with the DVD: when I try to copy content from the HDD to a DVD, I get the message “Disk error”, “Unable to read disk” or somethink like that. I’m using DVD-R disks.

Does anybody know if this problem is due to the region free trick, and if there is a solution for it?