Problem with LG GSA-4164B



I get this drive from a protable DVD writer. It cant read DVDs just CDs and the PC identify as GSA-2164D. So I started to find a FW update, but it does not exist on the LG support site. So I tryed with google, and I foud an FW on softopedia. But the flash software can’t update the FW becasue it says: “Mismatching product type” (or something like tath).

So how can I burn the FW in the drive, or its a dead deal? :confused:

Sorry for the bad English :bigsmile:


Hi and Welcome!

if a drive can’t read DVD discs at all (and I am not speaking of blank discs), then probably a part of the laser unit is dead.
You might try different already recorded discs and check if you can access the content using your favourite file manager.



Thy for the fast reply.

Jep. It cant read any of DVDs, only CDs are readable with it. But I tougth it have FW isue, because the OS seeing like CD writer and the Nero say it too :confused:

So maybe it had been flashed with wrong FW or damaged under previodus upgrade.


It surely has a SPECIAL firmware so you cannot flash with official flashers!!!


I solved the problem simply, it becomes to laser pointer :smiley:


[quote=Dimitryj83;2108515]I solved the problem simply, it becomes to laser pointer :smiley:[/quote]LOL! Excellent solution :bigsmile: :bow: