Problem with LG GH20LS10



Hi I have the LG GH20LS10

I tried flashing to the FL01 and everything went well except now all my DVD writes stop at 4-7% using Nero. So anyways I try to flash back to the FL00 firmware I downloaded here and it was successful! I reboot as requested and now my drive is not detected!:frowning: Neither the BIOS nor Windows detects my drive. The flash went perfectly, has anyone tried this firmware download? I can only assume it’s corrupt somehow:(


Check if you can force the drive into safe mode:

  • power your PC off
  • press the drive’s eject button and keep it pressed
  • power your PC on again
  • wait 10 seconds
  • release the eject button
    The drive should be seen in the Bios and Windows now and can be flashed again.


thanks! Windows finally sees the drive again BUT it sees it as a Gh12L CDROM drive instead of what it should see it. Im guessing I have to flash the drive in DOS or something?


Ok so the reason it shows as a GH12L is apparently cuz the FL00 file here uses that as Base code. Anyways I tried using the Fl00 file here again to flash the drive and my PC freezes in the middle of the flash. The drive stops flashing at that point too. tried it in windows safe mode and it freezes there too :frowning:

After restart drive is not recognized again and the instructions ala42 gave me have to be repeated to get the BIOS to see it again


sorry for the reposts!

anyways i loaded the drive into a usb adapter and put it in safe mode, loaded windows and started the firmware upgrade. the upgrade never ends! the drive stops flashing but the upgrade program just keeps going, never stops until you stop it (i stopped it after 5+mins).

So when hooked upto the SATA interface, it freezes the PC, when hooked up via USB, the flash program never ends.

if there’s no way to fix this ill have to RMA, it’s a brand new drive!


Take it into safe mode again and flash it with FL01.


I cant cuz like I said the drive is seen as a GH12 and the FL01 doesnt recognize that there is a compatible drive to upgrade to. I couldnt find a firmware version of FL01 that will support flashing even if the drive is seen as not a GH20


i have gh20ls10, the problem is once i am logged into windows the tray opens and close will open then after couple of minutes it will close all by its self.i flashed it to toFL01 but no even ejects the cd during installation. can some please help?