Problem with LG GGW-H20L burner and Maxell discs



Hi all,

I am a happy owner of the GGW-H20L drive. I have upgraded it to firmware YL03. I have used it to burn lots of BD-Rs in the past.

Now I bought a 10-disc spindle of 4x Maxell single layer BD-Rs with printable surface (EU ITEM no. 276072), . When I insert one in the drive, the drive freezes and stalls whatever application I use it with (InfraRecorder, DVDInfoPro, Windows Explorer). My application unfreezes only when I eject the disc by pushing the button on the drive.

The first thought I had was to update to the latest firmware, YL05. But since there have been several blackouts lately on the local electric grid, and I don’t own a UPS, I decided to read more before I flash. I used the MCSE tool on both the YL03 firmware (the one I’m using now) and on YL05 which I downloaded. I don’t see any new entries about Maxell BD-Rs. The only two entries are RS1-000 and RS2-000. These had been there in the firmware I’m using now, too. But then again there’s this review I found via google:

So, I have two questions for all of you BD-R experts out there

  1. is it still possible that flashing to the latest firmware will help me, given that there are no new media codes according to MCSE?

  2. what is the media code for the discs I have?

Perhaps I am a little paranoid but I do love my drive very much and it has been working nicely until now.

thanks so much for any help u can give me


Hi all,

To answer my own question: I updated to YL05 and the discs work just fine now. The media code is RITEK BR2.