Problem with LG GGW-H20L and BD-R DL media


I’ve been experiencing problems when I’m trying to burn BD-R DL discs with my LG bluray burner (GGW-H20L with the latest -YL05- firmware).

I tried Panasonic’s BD-R DL (MEI T01-001) and all of them (except 1) failed with both Nero 9.0 and ImgBrn…

Chris (Nikoneko) from Japan kindly offered to replace them with TDK’s BD-R DL (TDKBLD-RFB-00), however the problem remains, the discs turn to useless coasters…

In the meantime the burner writes flawlessly any BD-R 25GB that I throw in, even my TDK BD-RE DL (50GB) (TDKBLD-wfa-00).

I submit a capture of the error message from ImgBrn.

Is there an incompatibility with the above mentioned media or is there a problem with my burner? Has anyone used them succesfully?

I would be obliged if you could help…

Welcome to cdfreaks. :wink:

It would be better if you post the full log.

Another thing is, did you verify that the source (from your harddrive) is good, not a corupt file?

Thanks for the help, however I managed to rectify the problem by removing Virtual Clone Drive from the system.

Both burner and media are working fine now!