Problem with LG DC593W Disc Tray

I have a busted up disc tray in perfectly good condition in a LG DC593W DVD/VHS Player, the problem is that it will say Disc Err and eject the disc.
I have done some further inspection and I have found out that the drive’s laser is operating but it isnt picking up a disc in the tray.

I have slowly rotated the dvd manually and the laser will pick up that there is something there due to its continued effort to pick up the data off the disc.

I’m at the stage where i’m just thinking of replacing the laser and spindle motor in this segment of the device.

Would anyone be able to help me with any suggestions or answers if they have had the same problems?, And also if they know what the part number is for the laser and spindle motor.

I have tried looking online and have bought a service manual just to find the part numbers.

Thank you so much. Arthur.

I have a busted up disc tray in perfectly good condition…[/QUOTE]

Welcome to the forums YiTiY, but I have to say, that is an utterly confusing statement at the beginning of your post.

Good luck on finding components of that disk drive. Its not a subject that comes up often. People are more likely to try replacing the entire drive, or sending the whole machine into an electronics repair shop. Have you contacted LG for the location of an authorized repair facility?

I like to work on Hardware too, but only to a point. Even a Repair Shop will work on something like this by component, replacing the DVD Drive with Laser and all. Besides this is 2011, and not too many people use VHS anymore. So I would consider upgrading to a Blu-ray Player, they can play DVD’s. :cool:

Yeah I might just have to buy the whole dvd laser/motor component of it.
I’d scrap it if I wasnt trying to get it fixed for a workmate.

Now i just need to work out how to get a replacement for that.


yea sorry for that start of the statement, pretty much just said that because i’ve been workin on it for awhile.

there’s probly nothing i can do for it on a small level, its most likely something to do with the spindle motor or the laser.

I’m still hopeful and dont really want to call LG just yet. I’m kinda stubborn.

thanks for the reply,
I’ll keep your input in mind. I’d just be nice if I can fix it, I’m a new apprentice and wanna get the most out of working on this so I dont think one day that I could of fixed it.