Problem with LG CD-RW and short tracks

When I try to record special CD with very short tracks (1 frame length) on LG CD-RW 32x10x40 or LG CD-RW 48x16x48 in DAO, I recieve an error (in Send CUE Sheet command). Software - Golden Hawk’s CDRWIN and my own little program. With LG 12x8x32 and TEAC W540E all works.
I need CD (really, few hundreds CDs) with short tracks and special structure, I can’t (it’s possible, but VERY difficult) change CD-RW-devices, but maybe this problem can be solved with new firmware (or something else)?

Use RAW write mode. There will be no CUE sheet in that mode, so your writer can’t reject it (btw, the minimum track size for a red book compliant disc is 4 seconds, so your LG drive is absolutely right when rejecting such a CUE sheet)

Thanks, I’ll try it. May I use CloneCD (or other soft like it) and make raw copy?
P.S. Tracks with that length (1 frame) are unreadable - it’s essential part of our copy-protection scheme.

Yes, CloneCD should be able to write such discs. But you need an image file set for this…(or type the CCD file manually)

If CloneCD can write such disks, he also can copy it, am I right? I have master-disk and replicate it will be simply, than record.

If it can copy them depends on whether the small tracks will be readable for CloneCD in RAW read mode.

However, for someone who knows what he’s doing, it would not be that hard to make a working copy of such a CD

CloneCD can copy my special disk on this LG-drives! Thanks again for idea. Now I have to teach my own program to do this trick. But small tracks are unreadable for CloneCD, he just restores CD structure and writes “dummy” sectors into small tracks.
And what about copy protection… All protections are protections from dummies. I know only one commercial copy-protection scheme - StarForce, wich successfully resists to CloneCD, Blindwrite and others. But our pirates removes this protection on program layer.