Problem with LG 4163B

Hey guys,

I have a prob with my new DVD burner. Maybe someone of oyu has any idea what could be the prob.

I have an Athlon XP 2400 (T-Bred) on my board (MSI KT7 266 ver.2).
First my old DVD burner and my old DVD-ROM stopped working and after thorough testing (different combinations with correct jumper settings master/slave/CS…, new cable…) I thought they’re broken and got a new DVD burner. But after installing this one - sampe problem.

This is the problem: The bios does recognize the burner in autodetection in the bios or with the “auto” setting. Then it says “DVD” for the respective IDE channel and during bootup it shows the correct name of the burner (LG GSA-4163). But the drive does not react on any commands. If I press eject the lamp on the drive starts blinking a few times then it blinks a few times very fast but nothing happens, the tray does not open. The driver is listed in the explorer in Win but I cannot access it. Also, the device manager shows no problems. All my HDD’s work fine even on the same IDE channel.

Does anyone encounter a similiar problem or have any idea how to solve this?

I guess all drives are properly connected.

What PSU is in your computer and how many drives have you running?

i agree its likely a psu issue,but how many drives doesnt really matter
the whole system specs matters ,anyway get speedfan from
take a screenshot and upload to and ill see if the voltages are ok but i bet they arent , anyway in the case youll need a new psu i highly recommend ocz powerstream series stable as rock 0.1 voltage variation also they got massive heatsinks and are highly quiet bit on the expensive side but excellent quality

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Hey, thanks for the answers.

My guess was also a psu issue. So I got a more powerful PSU (Antec Truepower 430) to test it…and same problem.
I just checked with only the DVD attached and no other drives and with the HDDs connected.

Seems like a faulty DVD burner. What do you think?

Did you ever get your DVD-ROM etc working in Windows prior to buying the LG GSA-4163B with ALL existing HWs? If YES, then I would not to suspect your PSU right now, rather than perhaps your IDE Cable/corresponding connections between your MD and said DVD-ROM etc. Also you have to ensure that you have setup your Master or Slave Link properly on your DVD-Drives, making sure that there is no conflicts. Try a new IDE cable and check your connections very carefully to ensure NO bad connections whatsoever!
Just another suggestions… :rolleyes:

Yes, it was working. The I got a problem with my old DVD burner as it didn’t react anymore. Sometime later it happened to the DVD Rom. Everything looked like a hardware defect. I tried with all the drives the different Master/Slave combinations and used different cables.

In any case, if I just connect the drive to power with no IDE cable attached, then at least it should open the tray when eject is pressed? Or not?

It should be! Worthwile trying though. You chance of having both your DVD-ROM, DVD Recorder and then the NEW LG 4163 failing respectively without any obvious proof of your PSU failures is quite MINUTE! It is a COMMON Failure in one word. Therefore it should be either your MD’s IDE Port, PSU or both. Did you connect your new LG 4163 DVD Writer in your Primary IDE port and configure it as SLave, while your existing Boot HD as Master, as a simple test of whether your IDE port 2 has any HW problem?