Problem with LG 4163B burner

Hello everybody !

I’m new around , but i know that i’m doing the right thing - posting here and maybe my problems will be over…

I have a LG 4163 B burner - official firmware A105
I use :
AMD A64 3200+ on an Abit An-8 Fatal1ty , MoBo
512 RAM memory…(Kingmax , if it counts in any way…)
Maxtor 120 Gigs , ATA 133 / 8mb buffer…(Primary Master)
Enermax NoiseTaker 485 W PSU…

The LG drive is on : SECONDARY Master…alone
Using Windows XP with Sp2 (was preinstalled)

I try to burn something. Anything . I mainly use DVD Decrypter ( because of its burning quality and compatibilty issues.)
If i don’t do anything else on the PC (Ym! turned off,opera/ie/mozilla off ) mainly only the AV software and FW working in the background, then everything’s OK . I select 8x , it goes to “8x” and burns it fine !

BUT , if i surf the net …listen to music …or watch a movie > it hangs up at "Alt-tab"s …or when i want to change the song in Winamp …> > > the buffer goes low…until the “non-responding” software returns to its main status ! The speed also decreases till the win buffer is 100% again. Decreases to 2x or 3x…

!!! Important mention : The DISCs are quality-wise : perfect . Nothing happens . But it’s very stressing to work under this situation,knowing that the new PC i had to buy , costed pretty much…

DMA is enabled,otherwise it wouldn’t have worked at all .

The MoBo has some drivers . Of course it does . But i was recommanded NOT to install the IDE Sw (storage driver) that nVidia developed because it causes even more buffer underruns (windows buffer)

So - what could to avoid selling this drive and
If i’ve forgotten to add any info,please let me know and i’ll do so !

Kind regards and thx !

You’re not supposed to multi-task when you burn! A writer requires full system resources when it is burning. What you are getting is normal behaviour with a writer.


Forgot the 2nd part of my “story” .
Borrowed a LG 4167 writer (with LD12 as firmware - installed ) and …tested it the same way . Opera opened with 12,13 pages…Winamp running…maybe even browsing some pictures …

And it works…works great indeed ! All that happens is that , the buffer decreases when i open a new app or when a heavy webpage loads up , but it quickly goes up again and everything’s ok again !

So… ?

It is very difficult to explain some things.

I bought a dvd reader AOpen 1648 Pro, and after installing on my computer I try to read a pressed disc to test speed. The only thing I obtained was a computer freeze.

Installing the same drive on an external box don’t cause any issue on my system. The same drive on my bros computer don’t cause any issue. But after I tryied another time to install internally on my computer --> Freeze! :a

The only explanation I was able to find is that my computer refuse this drive.

End of the story: my bros have a brand new DVD reader without spend a cent :a :a :a :a

Solved the problem.
Sold the drive :slight_smile:
Got a borrowed 4167 and preparing for the legendary BenQ everybody’s talking about !