Problem with LDW 811S on a Win XP running PC

Hello everybody,

My brother has a Lite on LDW811S dvd burner since a couple of month and always had these 2 problems but didn’t really care until now :

1- Win XP (SP1) seems not to recognize the burner - meaning when we put a cd or dvd inside, we cannot access the files on it nor read a cda.
Quite a problem since we have to keep the old dvd player too that we planned to use in some other machine.
On the other hand, with Nero we can still copy it or if we look the info of this medium it shows the capacity occupied…

2- When I burn a cd audio with this 811S, my discman (made in 1992) and my hifi system (made in 1999) refuse to read it. It does not comes from the cds as I tried to burn the same album on two identical cds on two different burners and the one burnt with my samsung cd burner works whereas the one burnt with my lite on LDW 811s dvd burner does not.

Got any ideas concerning these problems ?

Thanx for any clues, suggestions or links that could help me.