Problem with Last Chapter Every time



Hi Folks,

I am using dvddecrypter, dvd2one120 and copytodvd and every single movie i have burnt (9 all up) are fine till the last chapter where they become blocky and then freeze requiring the disc be ejected. I currently use constant ratio but am going to try variable ratio to see if that fixes the problem.

Any other idea, or anyone else ever get that?


Crappy media? What brand you using?


It does sound like bad media, but if you’ve bought loads and want to use them up you could maybe effect a workaround by reducing the target size of the DVD. This will keep the laser away from the edges of the disc, where poor quality media tends to fail.



Yep … as Peter says try setting output size to say 4300. Also if they are cheap media like Princo try burning at a slower speed, this sometimes helps too.


i have burned well over 1,500 movies and have had that same problem too…i have found that it is best to give your burner a break between movies…i mean…dont burn back 2 back…i wait 10 minutes after burning before i start another 1…this so far has corrected the problem…i use Leda discs…cheap media…but no problems


Hints and tips from an old geek…

Every time you burn a DVD-R movie, turn down the lights, turn off all other sounds or music, turn off the ceiling fan, have absolutely no other background services or programs running, slowly walk away from the computer and close the door behind you blocking out little kids and or pets.

Setting the jokes aside I have always been careful burning DVD-R movies since any little burning problem or revelation over 4.7 gig can cause a blocky scene and or coaster.

Just a tip!



For those who are using PRINCO media, I just want to say that they are excellent and perfect cheap media… 100% success with more than 200 backups now and 75% of them are right up to the edge. I never changed the 4472MB default setting…never…the burning program I use and nothing else is RECORD NOW MAX 4.5.
My dvd player is a new JVC. Everything works perfectly in that player and in my 4-year old Toshiba as well. PRINCO dvd-r are perfect for me.


There are Princo’s & there are Princo’s … not all are the same (unlike Riteks).

Datawrite Red Tops started out good, then they changed the dye on subsequent batches, which made them useless. Most reputable suppliers in the UK are not stocking them now … I guess they’r pi**ed off with all the returns.

Not all Princos are bad, but they are not consistent … i.e. what works today doesn’t work when a new batch arrives. Most people find this out the hard way and progress to Riteks. They are a little more expensive, but it’s worth it, to lose all the aggro.