Problem with LaserLock protected CD

I have used CloneCD Version and DVD-RW SONY DW-Q30A
to makea backup of a LaserLock protected cd (encyclopedia cd).
I set reading speed at 1x god image after 60 min. Then I burned image to the cd. When I tried to use the copied cd, I could install an encyklopedia, but I could not start, becuse window appeared requesting the original cd.

How to get a working copy of my cd? Please help!

What profile did you use to make the image?

I think that profile is called Ring Protected CD, and I changed read speed at 1x.

Wrong profile. Either use the standard GameCD profile or if that doesn’t work the Laserlock profile that you can obtain from the profiles sticky in the CloneCD forum.

Use Alcohol 120%. Set the profile to Laserlock and test various read speeds to choose optimal.

CCD should work just fine on Laserlock using the corresponding profile.