Problem with laptop Sony DVD+RW



Hi all, I hope some one out there can help.
My parents bought me a reconditioned Toshiba Satalite Pro 4600 for
It has been fitted with a Sony DVD+RW DW-Q58A UDS2 according to the
update driver window of Microsoft XP.
Unfortunatly sometimes this drive is recognised and sometimes it isn’‘t,
usually not recognised after the start up message ‘media test failure
check cable’???
When it is recognised it’‘ll play music CD’'s and explore CD ROMS but not allow you to open them or run the programs autoplay option.
Please help I can get most things fixed out here (Cambodia) once we
know what the problem is.
Looking forward to hearing from someone soon.


Welcome to this forum of CDFreaks, go to windows “Device Manager” under CDROM highlight your Sony drive and click uninstall reboot your computer and let the Windows install it again that might solve your problem.


Good morning.
Thanks for getting back to me unfortunatly if the line ’ media test failure, check cable’ comes up in the initiola computer start up then the DVD/Cd doesn’t appear in the device manager list, I’ve also run find new hardware but that doesn’t do anything either.
i’ve now removed the DVD/CD unit checked the conection and all is correct, although can’t see a cable only a direct connection to the mother board?
P.s sorry for any spelling mistakes typed at speed, internet connection not to clever.