Problem with key

I have a older ver of anydvd ( that I purchased a while back. I just downloaded the lastest ver of anydvd applied my key to reg it and when I tried to open anydvd it said my trial period has expired. Can anyone help?

If you purchased your older version from Slysoft, e-mail them at support. If it was purchased elsewhere, it is likely you will need to purchase a new copy.

A word of warning. Support from Slysoft is a joke. Basically, they don’t answer their emails or requests through the contact form system they promote.
Great products, non existent support.

However, there is another way to get rid of trial expired messages which block the program from working. But if I told you, I’d have to kill you!! LOL!! Do a Google search…

DixieNormous, making the assumption of using cracks isn’t good in this forum. Read my other posts. You’re only making it worse for yourself.

linx05 she has been reported.

email SS with your key and they will send you a new one if your key is legit
I believe you may have the old version of AD


SlySoft Technical Support is excellent. If you are unable to avail yourself of SlySoft Technical Support assistance quite possible the cause lies with your inability to convey your problem to SlySoft Technical Support in a logical coherent manner.

Your last few CD Freaks Forum Posting are negative and do not provide any meaningful value to the CD Freaks Forum.

Suggesting the use of illegal cracks/patches violate the CD Freak Forum Rules.

It appears your only purpose is to spread discontent and disharmony. Your negativity and failure to abide by CD Freak Forum Rules is not welcomed at the CD Freaks Forum.


TROLL :flower:

suggestion of cracks is no no :cop: :flower:

May be some of the CDF "Moderators, or Admins should intervene in this case, some member may be violating the forum rules but clearly other member has chosen to dictated their own rules and take the action on their hand.

Dear DixieNormus: This is not a forum where you can suggest to people another way of getting a product besides buying it. I will not close this thread but I will be watching it.

However, there is another way to get rid of trial expired messages which block the program from working

 This is not tolerated.

Follow-up comment: Not only has SS responses been timely but James’s continued replies via CDF is a testament to the companies support of end users and their customers.

I agree
I sent them .ifo files on a troublesome title recently, got an answer in a few hours and a new version was out the next day

What else could one expect? :clap:

I have been using the Sly Soft software and love it! I just bought the package but have not received my key. I think pop up blocker was on so if that’s how they give it to you, I may be out of luck. I am one of those dummies who forgot to write down order number( but I assume they can get that through my email address ) All I want is my license key and don’t know how to get it. I have emailed them twice in the last half hour but haven’t heard from them. Any sly soft employees on this board by any chance?

Any help is greatlt appreciated…can anyuone tell me if they use a popup screen to give you your key? I really would prefer an email…

tambrose, just wait. They will respond to your emails.

p.s. I don’t give support via PM tambrose :wink:

Slysoft support is very good as I have used it in the past.
Only a cheepskate would use a crack.