Problem with K3B

Every time I launch K3B, THis message shows up and i cant write anything

         Unable to find cdrecord executable

K3b uses cdrecord to actually write CDs.
Solution: Install the cdrtools package which contains cdrecord.
Unable to find cdrdao executable
K3b uses cdrdao to actually write CDs.
Solution: Install the cdrdao package.

even though it says it >___>

How do i fix it?

also when I try to open cdrecord with ARk It says an error and it doesnt open.

I try with several different websites but it doesnt work:(:(:sad:

Use your package manager to install cdrecord.

Which distro are you using?

I image you loaded K3b yourself. Something should have told you about the dependenices, those other programs it needs. Linux does that alot. I use PCLINOXOS and its synaptice manager grabs all the dependencies you need rather than you having to find all of them yourself. Its the best OS I’ve found. If your not stuck with the distro you have, check it out.