Problem with japanese audio CD's

I have problems playing japanese import CD’s. I only listen to music on my computer and the CD-ROM I use is a burner. It doesn’t recognizes the CD. After hours of trying it can play it, but then the whole PC crashes.
I had the same problem with a Nine Inch Nails CD from Thailand. Can only play it till track 9, then everything crashes.

What’s the deal with japanese CD’s? Are they produced very cheap and fast? The CD works on ‘normal’ CD-player at my friends, but not on my drive.

Can you help me with this?

I have dozens of import japanese audio CDs, and even some taiwanese ones, and I’ve never experienced playback problems… either on PC or on standalone players. Have you tried them on another PC? Do you have a burner that allow a C1/C2 scan of the CD (e.g. LiteOn, BenQ, Plextor)?
Do you see some kind of “copy-protected” logo on them?

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Get those discs to a friends house with a pc and try them there, anyway i’m sure that it’s your burner, maybe a firmware update might help ? !

Well, I read somewhere something about a C1/C2 scan, but I don’t really know what it is for.
My burner is the Lite-On Ltr-40125S - there was a firmware update on a site, but it is only for the overburn option.

I can’t read or speak japanese. But there is no protection logo on it and the parts in english don’t tell anything that way. Well, the first cd of three worked after a longt time. but he won’t play the others.

The problem must be my burner. Today I tried to play the CDs on the PS2 and they worked.

So my last idea is that I go over to a friends place and he copies the CDs for me so I can maybe play them at home. I dunno. It is really strange.

My computer won’t play the japanese soundtrack for Final Fantasy VIII in Winamp or Media Player. I have to use the CD Player, which basically just spits the information back out at you, without trying to really interpret it, according to what I’ve seen. Have you tried playing it with CD player, because I can play mine in CD players and the Playstaion wouldn’t be a surprise, considering it’s a Japanese product. o.O

It could be that these discs are using some funky “copy control”. Maybe EAC can at least extract the tracks for you.

I solved my problem. The reason why my cd-burner don’t wanted to play those cd’s was that the cd’s where bootlegs. And my player cannot handle very fast burnt cd’s. As far as I know are bootlegs very cheap and quick rip-off’s of the original cd.
So I let a friend copy them to normal cd’s and now I can listen to them.

If they’re bootlegs, they’re not Japanese. They’re more likely Chinese or Taiwanese bootlegs of the japanese recordings. And if you paid any more than $5 apiece, you’ve been had.