Problem with intervideo dvd copy

Just got this bit of info on Intervideo Copy DVD:

There are some strange things in the test.
When you compare for example sklad_dvdc.jpg and sklad_orig.jpg(Intervideo DVD COPY v1.2 test), files are exact same.
I don’t think difference in view, but in binary compare.
Result=====>orginal and transcoded file are only renamed to another name.
In all tests(directory art1-art6) sizes of original and final files are different in kb(kilobytes), except sizes of Intervideo DVDCopy. There is only a small difference in bytes or exact same file(difference in head of file=different time…)!!!
It’s suspicious. Maybe fake test!!!

Just tried Intervideo DVD Copy on Matrix (full disk) and I personally did not like what I saw. There were macroblocks and the film seemed to have warble or wave like movement in certain scenes. My personal opinion would be Pinnacle Instantcopy for this full disk backup if you`re going to use a transcoder program.

the full disk is always a problem, take dvd shrink authoring mode to delete all the stuff you don’t need (without compression!), because the authoring funktions from dvd copy are shit.
Now transcode with dvdcopy and the result is perfect and better then instantcopy.

has anyone used version 2.0 that was just released? It allows you to customize audio, scenes, and subtitles