Problem with internet connection (upload)


I am preparing a pc for my girlfriend (with some spare parts, just for internet and basic office-stuff). The PC works great and it’s connected to my router to get the latest drivers and for some basic testing. I noticed that the pc has trouble with loading certain sites. Hotmail and posting things here at cdfreaks takes ages. And I can’t upload files (not with msn, ftp, irc) from that pc. Also in my homenetwork (through UTP), I can’t transfer files with the pc. I haven’t tweaked any settings when I connected the pc to the router. I did exactly the same as always; UTP-cable to the router and loading internet explorer works instantly (the router is configured to give internet acces to all pc’s that are connected).
Can it be the network-card? The other pc’s connected to the router have onboard 100Mbit (or Gbit) nics, but for this pc, I added a D-link DE-528 nic which is 10Mbit. Can it be that this card causes this troubles because of the 10Mbit? Or does it sound like something else is wrong?

AMD XP2000+ on ABit KX7333-R, 256MB PC3200, SCSI 10k rpm discs on Adaptec 29160, Matrox G400 DualHead, Muse Lite PCI-sound, D-Link DE-528 nic
WinXP professional

Have you checked things like firewalls, nic config?

Having it on a 10mbs conecction is fine as that is far faster than many internet connections.

Looking at your spec you only having 256mb ram running win Xp pro. This might be causing some problems. Try another module and see if that helps.

try connecting the pc directly to the internet connection. i cannot upload on various services without my router being set to dmz. i HATE nat

U hate Nat?

Me too :expressionless:

NAT is not bad by nature, actually it’s quite good if you have a LAN and my guess is that your router is a bad one. DMZ is a bad idea unless you have a firewall running on that perticular computer, use portforwarding instead. FTP transfers should work in passive mode (at least) if you’re connecting to a non standard port btw. I’d also put in another nic, the one you have is outdated and probably have some hw quirks.