Problem with Incredibles

I am using anydvd 5958 and clonedvd 2897.

I rip the DVD Incredibles to my hard drive (using AnyDVD’s Ripper). Then I use CloneDVD get the movie only to another directory on my hard drive. I remove all subtitles and all audio except for six channel English.

I then take these files and give them to AVI.NET to make a DIVX file of of them. The audio is in sync for the first couple of minutes then there is a section of the movie that is not film that it shows in all three languages and then after that the movie’s audio is out of sync with the video.

I know the movie has three angles for three different languages but selecting English only or all three make no difference. When I select a single language the playback has “gray frames” where the other two languages should be, but the audio is still out of sync.

I tried exactly the same procedure with Nero Recode and DVDShrink and it works perfectly. It only shows one langage (angle) and the audio is in sync.

Any suggestions?

Yes: Use CloneDVD mobile instead of CloneDVD for ripping. BTW, you don’t need to use the AnyDVD ripper, this is a waste of time and harddisk space.

But CloneDVD mobile uses an very, very old DivX codec, I think DivX4. And then it only uses single pass. For DivX coding this is like driving a Yugo.

Does this mean that I cannot use CloneDVD to prepare a video for DivX like I can with Nero Recode and DVD Shrink?

No, what I meant is: use mobile to rip the .vob to harddisk, then use whatever tool you like. You probably can use DVDShrink as well for this task.
The problem is, that normal CloneDVD keeps the angle information for highest DVD compatibility, and most DivX converters don’t handle this correctly. This is not a bug with CloneDVD, but a problem of the converting tools.