Problem with InCD

I had CD-RW formated with InCD. Recently it became unreadable. I tried to recover files with Bad Copy, IsoBuster, etc., but with no luck. Properties for this CD show 220Mb used space, so I did not erased files. Does anyone know how to recover my CD? Thanks.

I’m afraid if the software you describe doesn’t work, it’s probable that the filesystem is too corrupt to be recovered.

Packet writing software like InCD can sometimes finish up this way - and this isn’t helped by each spot on the rewriteable disc used only having a limited number of rewrite cycles possible before it fails.

The only answer is to not entrust the only copy of important data to a packet written disk - or if you must use packet written disks for important data, keep regular backups of that data.

For moving around a few hundred MBytes of data that you’re working on using various computers, one of those USB pen drives is probably a more robust solution (though you still need backups!).

If possible, use mastered discs (that is the main Nero or Nero Express programs) for robustness - ideally on write once media. Multisession is best avoided if you can - sometimes adding a session to a multisession disc can go wrong and lead to loss of data too (though it is much better than packet writing).


Thanks for advise, David. It was my first and last experience with packet software. I did have a backup of some of those files, but not all of them. Thanks again.