Problem with incd and w2k?

i have some problem with incd working under w2k, but i don’t know exactly, what the problem is.

i installed nero and incd 3.24.3 for the second time without having any problems during the installation, but incd doesnt’t recognize correctly the cd-rw , that i formatted with the same software on another pc.

the cd-rw drive is a sony crx 140 e, which is supported by this version of nero as well as incd, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
the cd-rw drive is detected by incd.

perhaps it was not so good to use the bundled software which was delivered with my new liteon cd-rw drive?

do you have a good advice for me ?

many thanks for your support

I have seen this question recently a few times. The bundled version of Nero with CD-RW drives only works with those drives. If you want a version that works with all drives you need to download and/or purchase the retail version (which isn’t expensive).