Problem With ImToo DVD Ripper

I have been unable to figure out why sometimes when I make a backup of a dvd on my computer the audio skips like every 2 seconds and slowly begins to lag behind the video. It strange because sometimes I can backup a movie and the first time in back it up the sound it messed up but If I do it again its fine… Can anyone tell me why this is?

  • VirusMD

I don’t know this app, but after having visited ImToo’s site I have no confidence in these people ability to offer seriously programmed apps. Their english is worse than mine :bigsmile: (I’m french) and it does tell something about a company when it doesn’t care to build up properly written pages.

Actually now I remember that I have tried their “Audio ripper” and it was damn buggy.

I’m not saying that this program is responsible for your audio issue, but it’s a possibility. There are other rippers out there, why not try them. Personnaly I use the Decrypter/Shrink team, both apps are free, trouble free and very easy to use… :cool:

Good luck :slight_smile: