Problem with IMGTools




I have used DVDshrink to backup a DVD and now i´m trying to create a img of the vob files DVDshrink have created .
I select the folder where the vob files are and then when going to the create a virual drive and so … next step is to go to the DVD IMG and when entering the inof there and then klick the box
" Create Disc Image " I get a fault msg " can’t locate video_ts or Video_ts_ifo file" and then please re-enter …

anyone have any ideas what im doing wrong ?




You should not be pointing imgtools to the VIDEO_TS folder itself, but one directory above it. Ie: the folder with your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders in it. Hope this helps,



I dont have any folders called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS I have VIDEO_TS.IFO but not any folders.

so if I have all the created vob files in c:\DVDtest then I should point imgtools to c:\ only ?

or I should make new folders and copy them over there ? and try again ?

I have VTS_01_0 and then another one called VTS_02_0

maby thats what causing my probs ?




Hehe, nono… You should make a folder, say… DVDFinal, with 2 folders in it, VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS (create them if you don’t have them), put all your ifos, bups and vobs in the VIDEO_TS folder and point imgtools to DvdFinal directory. So if you were using C:\DVDTest\ As your mount directory, you would make C:\DVDTest\AUDIO_TS\ and C:\DVDTest\VIDEO_TS\ and put all your files you got from DVD Shrink in the VIDEO_TS folder, then mount and img it up. Also an easier way might be to use ifoedit. Just put your imglib.dll in the ifoedit directory, load the video_ts.ifo in ifoedit and hit disc image.



Sorted … Thanks for the quick help

now lets see how my first DVD backup will come out as